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FOX News
Nov 15, 2009 7:00pm EST
already slated to come to the united states. in fact, to come here to new york city because they are going to stand trial for the 9/11 attacks. among them, the self-proclaimed master mind, khalid shaikh mohammed. as you can imagine there are strong opinions whether his trial in civilian court works to his advantage. >> what we're kind of granting his wish. his wish was to be brought to new york and really makes no sense to me to be granting him his wish. he should be tried in a military tribunal. he is a war criminal. this was an act of war. >> the sheik, mohammed, wants to be considered a holy warrior, a jihadist, if we try him before military offices that image of a soldier will be portrayed by the islamic community. that's not the image we want. >> julie: we have the fox news team coverage of the latest developments. live in chicago, but first let's get to julie kirtz live in washington. so, julie, what are guiliani's main objections to the trials being held here in new york? >> yeah, he was pretty outraged. made a couple of points on fox news sunday. conducting trial in fork city will
FOX News
Nov 8, 2009 3:00am EST
was elected president of the united states. but jokes aside, what's the serious media think of mr. obama one year lateer? from "the new york times", no walk in the park for obama one year later, it's the slog of governance. >> change has come, or has it? and from cnn, months into the presidency, promise of change is a slow go. jim, the late night comics are having fun. what about the mainstream mid-yaw, are they in awe? >> i think they're still glad he defeated mccain and they look forward to voting for him in 2012. the media narrative is that obama is a good guy, but the right wing is just so powerful so mean so hateful, so michelle bachanizeed that obama is having a hard time, which plays into what democrats think, victimology. >> is the narrative going to change on us with the new unemployment numbers we got yesterday, 10.2%? >> that's just a little more of the same. it's inevitable that the poetry of politics gives way to the prose of government. this stuff is hard, taking on health care and wars and 60 other things. it's absolutely inevitable it ain't quite as much fun anymore. >> speec
FOX News
Nov 1, 2009 2:00am EST
you to learn the signs at issued, the united states commission on international religious freedom, an official government body, urged the state department to demand isa's textbooks be scrut niced for materials for quote promote violence, discrimination or intolerance based on religion or belief. the saudi government agreed it would quote revise and update textbooks to remove remaining reference that despage muslims or non-muslims or promote hatred towards other religions or religious groups. >> they brought two american professors who have some knowledge of arabic textbooks and they removed the obvious, you know, kill the jews, hate the christians, they are our enemies. >> this letter obtained by fox news reporting confirms that then brown university visiting fellow, dr. eleanor abdel la and university of north carolina charlotte anthropology professor reviewed the 2008-2009 first through 12th grade textbooks. they assured the isa's inspector general, quote: these 12 books do not contain inflammatory material. enough to do they encourage students to exhibit into
FOX News
Nov 29, 2009 7:00pm EST
tomorrow morning. back in the united states, we're seeing a record number of people using food stamps these days. this of course should come as no surprise considering our current economy. new numbers show food stamps are helping to feed one out of every eight americans. and one in four children. more than 36 million people are using the plastic cards to buy staples like milk, bread and cheese and the stigma that used to surround people using food stamps has for many disappeared because now we're seeing a whole new category of people needing the help. from the newly unemployed, to struggling married couples and workers who have seen their wages cut. something a little fishy going on in utah. but if you're creative enough you could cash in big. we'll explain next. ♪ gone fishing ♪ you ain't working anymore guys... the blue goes on the left. (announcer) getting ready for the big game? ohhhh... bring it. bounty extra soft-- the bounty with a little extra softness! it's super absorbent. and it works extra hard for your money. in this lab demo, one sheet of bounty extra soft out-scrubs
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4